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Tonya & Greg, Owners & Bondsmen
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from a Contra Costa Bail Bonds Company

Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism, which they don't expect from a bail bondsman. Our customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional.

About Us

Adelante Bail Bonds has built a solid reputation as bail company in Contra Costa County and throughout California.

The team treats each client with care, compassion and respect. Through fast and convenient bail bond service, the expert bail agents have taken the stress out of the process of getting a loved one out of jail in Contra Costa.

The professional and caring agents at Adelante Bail Bonds works hard to meet your bail needs.

Meet the Bondsmen

It takes a professional team to be effective leaders in the bail bond industry. We have built a strong group of bondsmen who work hard to simplify the bail bond process for every client.

Greg has seen first-hand the importance of the bail bond industry for nearly 40 years. His father began his own bail bond company in Santa Ana. Prior to becoming a bondsman, Greg attended school at the University of Oregon, receiving his BS in Economics.

Contra Costa Bail Bondsman

It can be hard to know what to do after you get the call that someone you know has been arrested. Our team knows how to make this stressful situation much easier to bear.

The bail bond process can be difficult to understand if you don’t have the help of a licensed, professional bondsman. We will help guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Call for a free consultation at 1-925-231-4307 and a licensed Contra Costa bail bondsman will be available to help you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.


Updated:  06/22/2015