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How Bail Works

It can be difficult to know where to turn to for help when a friend or family member has been arrested in Contra Costa.

You need to find a licensed, professional bondsman who can answer all of your questions immediately. You need someone you can trust to explain the details and guide you through the Contra Costa bail bonds process.

When you call us at 1-925-231-4307, a bondsman is ready to help you with answers about how bail works and what you can do to help your loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Booking Process

Once a person is arrested in Contra Costa, they will be taken to one of the Martinez Jail or the Richmond Jail for booking.

The booking process can take several hours to complete. The defendant will be fingerprinted and photographed.

A background check and a nationwide warrant search will be conducted. The defendant will also be searched for drugs, weapons and contraband. Personal property will be collected and held until the defendant is released from the jail.

The dollar amount of the defendant’s bail will be set according to the Contra Costa County bail schedule. The bail schedule is set forth by county judges on an annual basis. This ensures that everyone who is arrested on the same criminal charges has the same bail amount.

Posting bail allows the defendant to continue on with his or her daily life while awaiting the court case to be resolved. Bail is a guarantee to the court that the defendant will return for the hearing once released.

The entire process of bailing someone out of jail may be somewhat difficult for you to understand if you have never had to deal with it before. However it is really quite a simple process.

Speaking with a licensed bondsman will help you understand the steps you must take to help your loved one.

Types of Jail Release

Bail Bond – Surety Bond

Bail amounts in Contra Costa County can be very high. Many people are unable to afford the total bail amount, but there is still an option available to help get your loved one released on a bail bond. A Contra Costa bondsman will make an agreement with you called a surety bond, commonly called a bail bond. This is a legally binding contract.

Along with the contract signer, the bondsman will assume the risk by guaranteeing to the court that the defendant will show up for court. This is done in exchange for a 10% premium.

For instance, a bail of $15,000 will require a $1,500 fee. The fee is not returned after the end of the case.

If the defendant does not return to court, the you and the bondsman are responsible to get the defendant back into the legal system or you as the contract signer will pay the total amount of bail back to the court.

Cash Bail

If the full bail amount is affordable, you may choose to go directly to the jail or courthouse and pay the total amount in cash to get the defendant released from jail.

The cash acts as security, a guarantee that the defendant will return for his or her scheduled court date and any hearings until the case is resolved.

Once the case has concluded, the money paid for bail will be returned minus any fees. If the defendant does not show up for court, the money will be forfeited to the court.

Keep in mind that criminal cases may last weeks, months or even years.

Property Bond

Some courts may allow a defendant to be released on a property bond. This means that a lien will be put on your home by the court in order to secure the defendant’s bail. If he or she fails to return for court dates, the property may be foreclosed on in order for the court to regain the money for the bond.

Property bonds can be difficult because the property must have 150% of the bail amount as clear equity. Collateral property must be proven by appraisals, title search and the like through a process similar to going through escrow when house is purchased. Similarly, release on property bond often takes 30-60 days.

Own Recognizance

In some instances, the judge will determine that a defendant is eligible to be released without having to pay bail, with the court’s approval.

This is called being released on your “own recognizance,” or “OR”. The defendant must still agree to return to court on the appointed date or an arrest warrant will be issued.

No bond is needed.

Citation Release

An arresting officer may “cite and release” a defendant, giving them a scheduled court hearing that he or she must appear for. Failing to appear could lead to an arrest warrant being issued. These are typically done immediately following arrest.


A licensed and professional bondsman is ready to help you understand how bail bonds work. Once you learn of the arrest, call us for bail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Within minutes, we can have your paperwork completed and approved. Your loved one will spend as little time in jail as possible when you have our team working with you.

For more information on how bail bonds work in Contra Costa, speak to a trusted bondsman at 1-925-231-4307.


Updated:  06/22/2015